Cold Email Toolkit: Your Business Growth Supercharger - C

To get hard-workin', converting cold email beasts (that took my biz from 0 to 120 in four months): 

100% Sure Your Cold Emails Are Working as Hard as They Can?

Feeling whipped by cold emails that only get crickets as replies?

Or cold emails that are flat-out ignored...

... so you're left feeling no better than a steamin' pile of poop.

A tight, vomit-y knot in your stomach that maybe you should go get a "normal" job. Leave this "building a service-based business" crap to other people.

Y'know, the other small biz owners who know what they're doing when they write a cold email.

The ones who get raving responses to their cold pitch emails, filled with "yes, yes, yes!"

Those bastards.

If only you knew their secret. Instead, you avoid eye contact with everyone...

... even the Wal-Mart cashier, choosing self-checkout...

... certain they know what a failure you are.

How you haven't had a new client in WEEKS. How your service-business is rotting on the vine.

How you're seriously considering risking eye contact *gasp* and asking that Wal-Mart cashier if they're hiring.

^^^That's how desperate you are right now to NOT feel like a wantrepreneur and get a reply on your cold emails.

Wanna Know The Secret Behind Cold Emails?

Truth is: 

Cold emails are tricky.

They're a wily beast, hard to nail down.

Don't send a cold email with your usual email communication tactics... and expect a win. (Much less a reply. Industry stats report a 2% open rate for cold emails.) 

If you sent cold emails in the past... and didn't get any responses... 

It's not your fault.

I sent tons of failed cold emails that got ZERO opens. ZERO replies. $0 in sales.

Until one day, all that changed. 

My biz grew 1400% in 4 months. My open rate was 56%. My reply rate at 9% -- meaning I had a solid 1 in 10 email shot that I'd get a "yes!" reply. My service-biz rocketed to the stars. Suddenly, I knew I could do this. 

I signed a $20,000 client -- from one cold email.  

Because I changed my tactics.

And it can switch 180 degrees for you, too -- once you have the right tools. 

I packaged up everything that I used in writing my cold emails into one easy-to-use toolkit. 



Discover the little-known proven methods on how to write a cold email that gets opened the first day you send it.  

(Best part is...? You don't have to spend 5+ hours writing them.)  

Cold Email Toolkit is a new, actionable training with one focus --> to help you master the dark art of cold emails.  

It's PERFECT for entrepreneurs and service-based businesses who:  

  • Wanna create momentum + DO something in reaching out to their dream clients 
  • Connect with big names for your next blog post
  • Fill up your calendar with awesome projects without being sleazy

Cold Email Toolkit can help you do that. 

Get the ENTIRE Cold Email Toolkit + 11 Cold Email Templates for Only $99
  • "Already had 2 replies come back to my cold emails -- unheard of!"  
  • Instant download  
  • No account required  
  • 30 day money back guarantee

What's Inside The Cold Email Toolkit?

Here's exactly what you'll find inside of this insanely-actionable Cold Email Toolkit: Your Service-Business Growth Supercharger:

11 Proven Cold Email Templates That Grew My Service-Business 1400% in 4 Mos

A tested roadmap to get your cold emails opened and replied to, so your offer gets seen by the exact person who's gotta see it.  

The cure-all pill to banishing the sinking feeling deep in your belly of sending always-ignored emails. 

AND The Cold Email that got me a $20,000 client. 

My growth supercharger cold email templates that took my biz from sputtering along at 2 mph.... to rocketing a blistering 120 mph... in roughly 4 mos. 

(Value: $299)

Uncover Your Ideal Prospect's Email 

Your Sherlock Holmes' spy glass into the Internet's dark workings. So you feel like a super sleuth in the best, non-sleazy way possible. Because you're reaching out with a win-win situation for your cold email recipient.  

A step-by-step guide to uncovering your prospect's email address. And I promise: no phone calls to the company to uncover the email AND you won't feel like a creepy stalker. 

(Value: $39)

What 3 Major Mistakes Are You Making? 

Pinpoint the top 3 major mistakes you're making in your cold emails.... and an immediate fix to cure them, so you don't self-sabotage in your next email.  

The mindset hack every service-based business owner needs to use, so the nasty negative thoughts retreat to the background and you stride confidently towards a bright future. 

(Value: $49)

What to Say + How to Say It Worksheet

How you avoid that ​​​​​​​desperate, gotta-take-a-shower, slimeball-feeling you get​​​​​​​ after sending a particularly sleazy, used-car-salesman email.  

So you never wonder again what words to say that make your reader's fingers itch to hit reply.  

How you build a strong plug-and-play cold email template that works every time. For any recipient, in any industry. Stop with the guessing games and start operating in your zone of genius. Which is why you started your business in the first place, amIright? 

(Value: $99)

Know What Must-Have, Top-Notch, Tested Words Propel Your Reader to Hit Reply?

I'll show you what matters to your cold email recipient. 

So you focus on what matters and STOP wasting time on the junk. 

(Value: $29)

Essential Secrets of Writing a Successful Cold Email

A line-by-line breakdown of a cold email that got me a reply the very same day, so you're not lost wondering what to write and why.  

How biz owners get a 66% reply rate to their cold emails, so you're in-the-know with the top email-writin' industry dawgs. Use these 4 secrets to smooth-sail your way towards boosting your open rates... and your business. 

(Value: $99)

3 Gotta-Use Follow-Up Email Templates

This is the real reason why your previous cold emails failed. (aAnd how that's not gonna happen with this new round of emails because you know the secret now.)  

Find out the single, most easiest way to turn a "not now" into a "yes"... and a sales call.  

(Value: $29)

"No-Fail, Confusion-Free" Guide on Follow-Up Emails

Why these little-talked-about emails are magic. They flip a losing campaign -- into a wild success.  

How you pinpoint exactly: how often to send follow ups, what to say in 'em...  

And the biggest game-winning clincher that everyone messes up: how often to send 'em? Once you've finished this guide, you'll know the answers to those questions (and more). 

(Value: $199)

$842 is the total value of EVERYTHING in the Cold Email Toolkit... 

... But you'll get ALL this for just $99.

  • "Already had 2 replies come back to my cold emails -- unheard of!"
  • Instant download  
  • No account required  
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Who's behind the Cold Email Toolkit?

Hey, I'm Laura.

A couple years ago, I quit my full-time job as a litigation paralegal to pursue my dream of being my own boss.

However, I was only making $200/month. 

I needed to increase that number FAST. So I could pay important things, like my mortgage and buy food. (Food is super important in my life because hangry is an actual monster.)

So I launched a cold email campaign. Roughly 4 months later, my biz had grown 1400%. 

Quick stats: 

  • 56% open rate (compared to industry average of 2%) 
  • 9% positive reply rate
  • $20k in revenue from one cold email 

Now I help startups and SaaS companies harness the power of their emails. And I want to help you write damn good cold emails, so you can pursue your dreams. 

"Obvious Go-To for Business Emails (Especially The Cold Variety)"

""There's huge ROI for email copy… unless you get it wrong. That's why we love Laura. She's had soooo much experience writing and testing emails that 'getting it wrong' just isn't an option for her. She's the obvious go-to for business emails (especially the cold variety)." - Joanna Wiebe, Founder of Copy Hackers 

"Already Had 2 Replies Come Back -- Unheard Of!"

"I used the cold emailing template to send out five pitches this morning. I've already had two come back to me, which is unheard - for me, at least!" - Elise D.

"Showed Me How to Get My Cold Email To The Right People"

"I haven't had any luck with cold emails in getting clients. The materials and the examples that you give for anyone to use was what I found most valuable. More importantly, you go into how to find the information to get my email in front of the right people." - Ralph, copywriter

"Helped With Major Launches"

"Laura is a solid copywriter, who assisted with several major projects and launches. I’m very grateful for her help! She was detail-oriented, open to feedback, and an effective interviewer." -- Selena Soo, CEO and founder of S2 Groupe

"4x'ed Our Subscribers"

"At Tortuga Backpacks, Laura was part of a writing team that quadrupled our subscribers." -- Fred Perrotta, co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks

100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee 

You can get this entire toolkit today and try it out for 30 days. 

If you're not happy with it, lemme know and get your money back.  

It works like this: 

Not happy? Just email me at and say so. I refund 100% of your money promptly. 


  • "Already had 2 replies come back to my cold emails -- unheard of!"
  • Instant download  
  • No account required  
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Some Questions (Maybe) Keeping You From Moving Forward

"What if I sent out cold emails before and they failed (horribly)?"

First off: it's not your fault. Much of the info out there on cold emails doesn't work. Or it's outdated. 

Or the writer has zero idea (and experience) of writing cold emails.  

I know because I've tried it all. This Cold Email Toolkit has my winning templates and formulas that I tested and refined. 

Then I used them to get a 56% open rate and bring in $20,000. 

I use these strategies all time with my clients. They're seeing results like David -- his response rate went from 4% to 20% -- and Citygreen with 33% reply rate, booking out their sales rep's calendar. 

"Cold emails work for everybody - but me. You sure these will work for me?"

Yes. If you follow the paths and guidance set out in the Cold Email Toolkit, you'll see a huge difference in your cold emails. 

Suddenly, you'll understand what everyone has been raving about. 

"If I'm writing from a template, won't my cold emails sound like everybody else's?"

Great question.  

My answer is: Nope. 

While you get templates in this toolkit, you're not copying and pasting. You're filling in the blank. If you ever did Mad Libs as a kid, writing your cold emails will feel very familiar. 

"How do I know what to write in my cold email?"

Because you'll research the heck outta who you're sending your cold email to. 

Don't worry -- we'll get into what exactly to research and how to avoid falling down the Internet rabbit hole of "research." So your valuable time goes towards the stuff that MATTERS -- and it's not wasted. 

"Dude, I'm not a writer. Will these still work for me?"

Yup. You don't need to have written a book. Or a short story. Or even a poem. 

You do need to be able to communicate clearly via the written word, but you got that covered, right? :)

"What happens after I buy the Cold Email Toolkit?"

You're taken to a checkout page where you easily enter the details of your fav credit card. Seconds later, you'll get an email with your entire Cold Email Toolkit to download and start using right away.

... And you've just taken the first step in sending awesome cold emails that WORK, baby. Congrats!

Why Wait For More Soul-Destroying, Self-Torture-Inducing Silence From Your Cold Emails?

Stop the torture, puleeeze.  

For less than a Friday night dinner at Chili's & movie, you'll have the tools to tame those cold email wild beasts.  

You can make them heel, trot nicely at your side, and -- "Go!" -- release them to fetch new leads for your business....  

Like your dream clients who work on projects so delicious that your hands tremble...  

And you finally have the self-confidence to pursue the opportunities that'll 100% transform your business.  


You could keep on sending out cold emails that pee on your couch, shred your favorite shoes, make you feel like a worthless excuse for a master. (Bad dog.)  

Your choice.  

Seize the day, champ.